Brand Vision

'Ephemeral Clothings' is a fictitious brand offering apparel solutions for the casual alternative crowd. Targeted towards young adults and people who have a general interest in sarcastic humour, we fully believe that every gloomy cloud has a silver lining. Like our dark humour, we try to see the 'stars' in everything. We make it our job to point out the funny moments. We balance these cynicisms with the acknowledgment that positivity does not have to be a default setting in life.
The clothing Items currently include tank and crop tops with a variety of witty designs. 'Ephemeral clothings' has a sister brand for fun accessories under the label 'quirky Solutions'

The Tag

The clothing tag reflects the personality of the brand, and is one of the important components when purchasing a garment. The coffin shape defines who we are, the purple representing both the cynicism, the dark, and the dignity of the wearer to wear the garment like casual royalty. It is carefully hand lettered with our inspirational motto to remind our consumers of our beliefs.