Product Concept

Pill-o is a concept dreamed from a artistically sleepless night. Because as much as we love to stare at the stars and gaze into the unknown and ponder about our dreams - we are human, and we do need our sleep.

Sometimes, that sleep comes by with much difficulty. A study estimated that around 30-50% of adults suffer from some form of sleep insomnia, 10% have chronic insomnia. Often, we'd wish there was an easy solution for this restlessness and the wandering thoughts. Pill-o aims to be the organic herbal solution for these sleep troubles.

This organic herbal remedy has no harsh side effects** no unnatural preservatives and additives, like all our other products, Pill-o is not animal tested and GMO free.

*it is recommended to consult your physician before use (this is also a fake product sorry guys)



The re-design was a revamp from the classic packaging, modernising the classic design with a twist, along with all our other drink tonic lines.  The fresh midnight blue reflected the night's soothing sleep.  The brown borders were a nod to the classic packaging colours.  

We wanted a fun design that would appeal towards our consumers that wouldn't be too serious or otherwise.

All of our packaging are printed on vegetable dyes on recycled paper.


It started out at a London herbalist shop. *

While Claire Watts and April Murphy provided care for countless of patients with natural remedies. We are passionate, and strive to procure the freshest ingredients available in the market. Wanting to provide a more effective and affordable natural herbal solution to a wider audience. We established the first "London Apothecary. Inc" line products in 1981 in their small apothecary. In 1998 they opened their second store in Birmingham and have continued to expand their stores ever since in Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, Florence, and more. Today as a world renowned brand for herbal remedies, we still stand proud by our values today, doing what we love best.

*it is recommended to consult your physician before use (this is also a fake product sorry guys)